Are you productive or procrastinating in your business?

Everyone knows and has felt the tempting tendency of putting something off until tomorrow when you know you should be doing it today – or better described as procrastinating. People usually procrastinate to avoid or delay tasks and do something else instead. If this continues over a period of time it can lead to interference with your work performance which will impact your credibility and ultimately your business. 

Let’s look at an example of a small business owner procrastinating…      

At Biznostics, one of our missions is to generate more leads through people that you know. It is a simple mission as it just involves you going to the people that you know and ask them for some referrals or some names of people you can talk to about your business, easy right?

One of our customers was doing this mission, which would typically take a customer 7-9 days, however this particular customer was at it for 9 weeks. He kept avoiding the action he knew he needed to take… he was either procrastinating or self-sabotaging.  

Stop putting yourself in the pitfall and avoid the inevitable

Procrastination comes when you say you are going to do something and you don’t, then coming up with ‘reasonable’ excuses. It’s most likely that you have used a some of these ‘reasonable’ excuses for why you have not done something before, I know I have.

But at the end of the day, reasonable excuses are just procrastination disguised. Reasonable excuses which will keep you from doing your tasks that need to be done. Or self-sabotage, where you are actually taking yourself out of the picture and not doing what you should do when it should be done. Again this involves using reasonable excuses, which may sound plausible to you, but lets you off the hook from taking action.  

Bottom line is, you are responsible for growing your business. It doesn’t matter what tools are given for you to use but you actually have to do the things that have to be done. Those are the things that needs to happen in your business. Otherwise nothing happens, nothing changes. 

The key here is to work out: “Why did I do that?” “Why didn’t I just take some action?”. Another questions to ask yourself is – if I’m not going to take the action, is there someone close to me either inside my business or outside who is able to take the action for me? And if there is a reason why I’m not doing it. Whether it is ‘I don’t have the money’ to take the action or ‘I don’t have the inclination’ or ‘I don’t have the courage’… the list goes on.

Here are some tips that can help you with procrastination:

  • Clearly define your goal or outcome you are looking to achieve (and make sure it is something you are passionate about).
  • Break down the tasks into small, actionable steps
  • Delegate or share the load with others so that it gets done.
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Celebrate your successes, especially the small ones

So if you find yourself not moving or sitting on something, you’re either procrastinating or you’re self-sabotaging. Neither of them are good. You’re not helping your business move forward and it is advisable to reach out for help.




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