Make Time for Important Moments. It’s Not All About Business.

Sometimes, business owners have the tendency to work really hard towards their business goals that they neglect the important and valuable moments in their life.

Often, we tend to forget that one of the reasons that we went into business in the first place was to be our own boss, control our destiny and by owning a business, to create an opportunity to define our own landscape.

At Biznostics we believe that as business owners, we have the freedom and power to build a business that serves us.

It is important to be there for our children for important things in their lives.  Now these aren’t just the big milestones like birthdays and graduations etc but the little things as well (which mean a lot to our children). This could be doing school pick ups or drop offs, helping out in class or being there for school assemblies.  There is nothing more special for a child when there parent is in the audience when their child is on stage as they are definitely looking out for you as a form of encouragement,  motivation and support.

Only you have the power to make things happen.

While it is crucial to pay attention to your business, it is also as crucial to make time for the important things in your family and your other aspects of life.

And as a business owner you are in the driver’s seat.

The key is to be creative here so that you can win the game of business AND ensure great family moments.  For example, you may have to get up a little earlier to get some work done so you can get to assembly and then continue with your day.

Start asking how can I make it happen rather than find reasons why it can’t.




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