Identify and Eliminate Time-wasters In Your Small Business

Many small business owners often find themselves bringing work home at night or on the weekend at the cost of family or relaxation time.

This can be avoided if time is managed effectively by eliminating unnecessary time-wasters that may be counter-productive to your business.

Now, what wastes our time?

There are two main categories of time-wasters that can potentially hinder the efficiency of your business:

1) Distraction (Internal)

A distraction is typically something which is internal. For example, this can be you paying unnecessary time and attention looking at unimportant emails, spending too much time on social media, receiving personal calls during working hours.

2) Interruption (External)

An interruption is something that happens externally. For example, this can be your salesperson or supplier calling unannounced. It can be minor things such as your staff coming in and out of your office or calling you for basic queries and instructions.

How do you eliminate, or at least reduce the extent of, these time-wasting attributes?

The best way to get rid of them is get to the root cause of what is wasting your time. Once you have identified them, pull them up by the roots and change them. If we are just dealing with it on a surface level, these time-wasters will keep coming back.

They key here is to identify the one thing that you can deal with this week or over the next two weeks that is wasting your time. Be it an internal or an external one and pull it up at the roots.




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