Why Is Family Time Important For You And Your Business

It is important for every family to be doing things together. It is even more important when you are running a small business – whether you are working for your business from home or from an office.

Small business owners often work really hard and this often means working after-hours and sometimes odd hours. Sometimes you barely have enough time in the week for your family because you are so focused in your business. Sometimes, this can make you feel exhausted and unmotivated. All you need is some positive energy to keep you going.

Taking some time off from your business on the weekend will definitely not harm your business. In fact, it will not only strengthen the cohesion of your family, it will also help you and your business.

How does family time help your business?

Firstly, it helps your family to support you better.

Secondly, when you invest time in your family, it comes back to you with a renewed sense of purpose which can be really energising.

The key here is your business.  This is why it is important that you invest that time and put that family time aside.

Think about what you could be doing for your family. It could be a pizza and movie night (just like Gavin in the YouTube video above). Just make sure you are intentionally doing something with your family on a weekly basis. The more time you can invest the better and remember it is more about the quality of time so make sure you are really present (body, mind and spirit) during family time.




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