Are Your Confusing the Urgent With the Important?

Where are you confusing the urgent with the important in your business?

Too many businesses are working so furiously on the urgent and leaving the important until last. They are always working by demand … demand from other people, demand from other things.

Now, the drama with this is that when you are chasing after demand, you’ll often get to the end of the day exhausted.  Plus you haven’t got that one important thing that you had planned to get done. As you go about your business, you feel like you are not really getting where you want to get to.  At least not at the pace that you wanted to.

By doing the three things below you will change the state of play.  Because if you’re always doing the urgent, you end up leaving the important until last.  The important just gets pushed aside… every time. But when you do the important you do what you should be doing.  These are the things that are going to drive your business forward faster.  The important is really critical to get to your destination faster.

So what are the three things?…

1) Work out what is urgent versus important

Sounds simple.  But if you don’t know what they are how can you focus on them?  So your first step is to work out what is important for you in your business. What are those important tasks? Start with your top three.  What are the top three tasks, that if you did more of, would really drive your business forward?

2) Put a value on your important tasks

The next thing is to put a value on those tasks.  Assign a dollar value to them.  Ask yourself if I did this well, what is this worth for my business?  This could be things like:

What is the value of the important things that you should be doing more.  By understanding this you are more likely to put your time into them.

3) Schedule your important tasks and do them

The third thing is to schedule time for each of your important tasks and do them. If you don’t lock them in, you will end up leaving them out.  When you lock them in, it’s in your diary. You’ll get a reminder, “Hey do this thing.” But if you don’t lock it in, you’ll leave it out. And if you leave it out of your week that important thing doesn’t get done. So schedule it and do it.

When you do these things, you are going to be a whole lot more purposeful in what you’re doing in your business.  Your business is going to move a whole lot quicker in the direction that you’re after. You’re going to move away from all the demand and move towards the important.

Let us leave you with this thought. If you just do demand, you’ll never get to the important.  If you do the important you’ll have a whole lot less demand.




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