How to Make More Money On Your Next Job

Do you want to make more money on the next job that you do or the next customer that you serve?

Too many small business owners leave too much cash on the table because they just get in and do the job at hand. They only focus on serving the customer and fail to look beyond what the customer has asked them for.

The question is – is that good service? Let’s explore this.

Here’s three things to consider which can help you make more money the next time you serve a customer with whatever job you do for them.

1) Think about what products or services compliment what they have asked for

Out of all the products and services you offer what else that compliments it? The key here is to make sure everyone of your employees knows what compliments each of the products or services you offer.  That way, when a customer asks for X, you can also offer them Y.  Y now gives you that extra sale. But see, if you don’t know what compliments it, how can you offer it? Always know what compliments whatever they’re asking you for so you can offer it every time.

2) Ask the question

McDonald’s is probably the best one at this with their famous line ‘Would you like fries with that?’ If you know what products or service compliments their purchase, then you’ll know exactly what to ask. Don’t offer products or services that don’t make sense because you’re not going to get the extra sale.  Consistency is the key here so make sure you ask the appropriate question every time.

3) Use a checklist

Why a checklist? A checklist makes you look really, professional as opposed to just shooting something off the top of your head. If you have a checklist you can be prepared and planned and you’re going to come across as more professional. Simply run through the checklist that is appropriate for that moment in time.

It’s like one of our electrician customers who whenever they did a domestic job, they’d run through a 10 point safety checklist and check the various things in the house and they’d be able to upsell based on the answers that came in the checklist. And I’m sure that you can put something very simple like that together?

When you do these three things you’re customers are going to get properly served. They’re not just getting what they asked for, they’re getting what they need. That way they are happy because they actually got true customer service.  And you’ll be happy because you made some extra sales. So when they’re happy and you’re happy, everybody’s happy.




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