How to Convert More Quotes

Do you ever feel you are doing a lot of quotes but you’re not converting your quotes at a rate that rewards all the effort that you’ve been putting in?

If that’s you, and you would like to convert more of the quotes you are doing then focus on these four things:

1) Be prompt at getting your quotes out

The prompter you are, the more it says about your business… and the more likely you are to convert quotes.   You see when a customer is choosing to do business with you or someone else, they’re looking at how quickly you respond because how quick you respond with the quote in the first place is a good indicator of how quick you’re actually going to get onto the work that you’re going to do for them.

It also helps to under promise and over deliver.  For example you’ll do the quote in X number of days and get it out there even before you’ve committed to.

2) Make sure that your quotes stand out

The presentation of your quote can help you convert more of the quotes you are doing.  This is the presentation of the quote and there is a lot that you can do here to stand out. This includes:

  • the words that you’re using in the quote.
  • the layout of the quote
  • where you put the pricing in the quote… and so on

Be really smart and clear about how you make your quote stand out above the pack. You want it to stand out above all your competitors so that people are obviously wanting to choose you and not your competitors and shift away from just being about price.

3) Use a template

Use a consistent format for how you putt your quote together. Make sure you have a database of all your products and services and all your pricing to make it easier when you’re preparing a quote so you’re not starting from scratch every time. There’s a lot of fantastic software out there that can help you do that. Be sure to look into that and make sure that you’re using a system that makes it easy for you to do the quote and get it out.

4) Follow up your quotes

You will convert more quotes just by following up.  This might sound really obvious but a study has been done and the study revealed that two-thirds of quotes are never ever followed up. So you’re losing business just by the fact that you’re not following up. Even worse is following it up late because chances are the customer has already made a decision.

A technique that works really well is to get agreement with the customer, “I’m going to send you the quote on X day and I’m going to follow it up on Y  day at this time.”  The key here is you’re getting commitments and agreements between you and your customer and so when you’re following it up, it’s not awkward. It’s exactly what you planned to do with them.

And best of all you’ll see your conversion rate go through the roof because you are the one who is following up the quotes and not your competitors.

So remember to do these four things to convert more quotes:

  • Be prompt getting your quotes out
  • Make your quotes stand out
  • Use a templated system
  • Follow up your quotes,

If you do all those consistently, you’re going to start to get rewarded with a high conversion rate. You’re going to see a consistency of workload and an increased cash flow.




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