Get Someone Better Than You To Move Your Business Forward

If no one can do it as good as you, how then will you be able to focus on the other aspects of your business requiring more of your attention?

There may be many reasons why we think that way sometimes. However, we’ve shortlisted them to three key reasons:

1) You have not hired the right people.

This could possibly be due to the lack of time. In fact, it is better to get someone who can do it better than you, not just as good as you. If they can do it better than you can, you will be able gain the time to focus on growing or moving your business forward.

2) You may not have adequate or the right systems in place.

The right systems in place will provide guidance on how things should be done. This allows people to follow what you do and do it as just as well as you did.

3) You have not trained your staff effectively.

You may be too busy to provide them ongoing training or coaching to help them perform their tasks effectively. It is important that they understood their tasks. Have you demonstrated the tasks to them? Have you done it together with them? Have you monitored their activities and ensure that they are on track?

So, the next time you say, “No one can do it as good as me,” consider those three points. Have I hired the right people? Have I got the right systems in place? Have I trained them effectively? You might end up with people who can actually do it better than you and help you accelerate your business success.




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