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“Behind every small business is a dream”

Designed to be affordable and practical, Biznostics is an online platform that provides step-by-step help and resources to small business owners so that they can run their business successfully… to achieve their dream. 


Interested In Becoming A Biznostics Partner?

Biznostics aims to equip small business owners with the knowledge to run and grow their business. You see, when they thrive, their families and community will thrive too. 

Biznostics seeks to partner organisations who share similar aspirations. 

Why should your organisation become a Biznostics partner?

add value to Your Members & Clients

Monetary incentives for you and your members

Be a champion for your members / clients

Help your small business members be even more successful

Partner support provided such as marketing materials, training, seminars & workshops

Partnership Options:

Affiliate Partner

• Reinvest in your membership programmes through an additional income stream
• Additional funds to run your organisation
• Share the rewards between your business and your members/clients
• Increase your fundraising by helping other small businesses

Strategic Partner

• Enhance your member benefits for your organisation
• Demonstration of your organisation values and care for your members/clients
• Help your members/clients become more successful
• Be a champion for your small business members/clients

Interested In Becoming A Biznostics Partner?