Why You Should Stop Blaming People When Things Go Wrong In Your Business

Have you encountered the same problems over and over again in your business? There could potentially be something wrong with your systems (or the lack of).

Sometimes, when a problem comes up in a business, the first reaction can be to blame the person. And when we do this, we make the person at fault, we make them feel small, we make them feel wrong, often not necessarily deliberately.

A better way to solve problems in our business is to blame the system, instead of the person.

A system is a designed procedure, process, method, or course of action that we can follow to achieve a specific result and keep things on track. If there is a system and when a problem crops up, it is an opportunity to then improve the system, change the system or build a better system.

When something goes wrong, look for a solution in the system. That way you’ll be bringing attention from the person to the system so that you can focus on the solution and ask “How do we fix this? How do we make a better system? How do we create a system so that it doesn’t happen again?

The key here is that when something goes wrong in your business next, start to analyse the system and see what can be adjusted to stop the problem from happening again, instead of just easily blaming the person who caused it.


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