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Terms of Service

When you join Biznostics you’ll benefit from first class service for your business designed to help set your business up for success and on a journey to business freedom. 

 The Business Apprenticeship™ program is designed for people in the construction related industry who are seriously thinking about starting a business or who have recently started their business.

The program is for a minimum of 12 months, with 9 Groundworks™ modules, covering 13 missions to be completed in the first 6 months of the program, after which you will choose from a suite of 60 missions to support your Game-Plan, so that you create the traction you are after in your business.

Each module builds on the previous module and is designed to educate individuals new to business on the fundamentals of setting up and running a successful business.

In Australia 80% of people who start a business have had little or no training in running a business and the majority go out of business within the first 3 years. And this course provides the training every business owner should have to set themselves up for success.

The program is practical and built on 19 years of proven strategies, tactics and education of over 3,000 business owners.

This program is designed: to educate you on the core business fundamentals of running and building a successful business; to equip you with the tools and templates you need to make implementation easier; and to empower you to take the actions you need to, when you need to, using proven and practical methods.

All course materials, tools and templates are included with the program.

The Business Apprenticeship™ program starts with the Groundworks™ which sets you on a path to success.

First you work on the Setup to make sure your business is viable, and you can move ahead with confidence.

Then you work on your Model to make sure you are geared for maximum profits so that you can move forward with certainty knowing your business will make you the money you are after.

Then you will work on your Game-Plan so that you have a solid plan to focus on to achieve your goals and build and grow your business successfully.

And then you start your journey to Business Freedom … creating a business that gives you freedom and choices.

The first 9 modules, which cover 13 separate missions are very structured and are completed over the first 6 months of the program. 

Here’s an outline of the Groundworks™ modules:

1. Putting Your Dream on Paper – getting clear on the what you want, how you will build it and why you are doing this.

2. Assessing Your Business – your place of operation, the demand for what you will offer and the competition you will be up against.

3. Road Testing Your Business – finding the gaps in the market, learning how to pitch your business and testing the overall viability of your business concept.

4. Know Your Numbers – understanding margins, mark-ups, variable and fixed costs and how to price for profit.

5. Creating Your Profit Model – getting your product/service mix right and learning to work within the constraints of capacity and capability to maximise your profits.

6. Managing Your Money – budgeting, reporting, and financial and tax management.

7. Generating Enquiries – defining target market and message, your point of difference and lead generation strategies.

8. Making Sales Happen – putting in place systems, scripts and follow up processes.

9. Creating Your Game Plan – putting together your plan of attack to get serious traction in your business.

Once you have completed all the Groundworks™ modules, and you have your Game-Plan, you will start to take missions from the Foundations area, the Growth area and the Replacement area … to help you to build a business that sets you up for the Freedom that you are after from owning your own business.


$5,000 upfront (includes GST) [save $1,000]

Or $500 per month (includes GST) [minimum 12 months]

Term of Agreement

Minimum of 12 months, then month to month

Course Inclusions

Weekly video conference training webinars (minimum of 40 per annum)

Access to all recording of webinars

Access to the Biznostics online platform

Access to all modules, missions, tools and templates to support you along the way

Email and text support between sessions as needed

General Conditions

1) Prices are inclusive of GST. If this GST is changed at any time, the pricing will be updated accordingly.

2) Payments are to be made on time to continue to have access to the program.

3) You may cancel this agreement any time after the first 12 months by providing 30 days notice via email.

4) Your information is treated as private and confidential. You get to decide what you share and what you don’t share. And we will always get your consent before we share specific stories about you and your business.

5) Biznostics or related parties, may from time to time, alter the content or structure of the program and supporting systems as it considers necessary, but at all times will continue to provide value for money.

6) Biznostics business hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM AWST Monday to Friday (with exclusion of public holidays).

7) This agreement shall be governed by, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Western Australia.

Special Conditions

1) If requested by Biznostics you agree to provide photos, written or video testimonials about your results and experience on the course to be used in future marketing.

2) We welcome the provision of constructive feedback on how to improve the program and from time to time you may be asked to participate in additional interviews or feedback sessions.

Payment Options

By completing your payments details with one of the options below, you agree to the terms and conditions as outlined above.

Upfront (Save $1000): $5000 (inc GST)

Monthly Option: $500 (inc GST) per month [minimum of 12 months]