The Importance of Surveying Your Customers

When was the last time you asked for feedback from your customers?

Surveying your customers helps remove all the guesswork around what’s going to serve them best whether it be your product, your service or your business.

When you find out what they want, they know you are listening

When you find out what your customers really want and you give it them, they in turn will help you grow your business by becoming both repeat customers and advocates for your business.

It is important to give your customers a platform to share their thoughts or feedback as they will feel valued and listened to.  The feedback enables you to make improvements to your products or services, or even discover opportunities and ideas.

Here is a real-life example:

Company A is an organic produce company who implemented a survey system using a feedback box. They encouraged their customers to provide feedback on their products.

From the feedback received, Company A learned their strawberries that were sold in punnets were not fresh.  The suggestion was if the strawberries were loose, and setting the punnets on the side, it would feel they’re fresher. Company A took the feedback onboard and sold the strawberries loose instead of putting them into punnets. As a result of that, customers bought more strawberries.

They realised that the customers perceived loose strawberries as fresher than the ones in the punnets – even though they were all the same strawberries. The sales improved tremendously as a result.

Not only did the company listened to their customers and made some changes, it clearly benefited both the customers and the business. Getting feedback from your customers is really important.

Designing your survey

The key here is to start thinking about when you should survey, who you should survey, and what questions you should be asking them so that you can improve your product and/or your service.

You can use surveys for all kinds of things: – to discover customer buying habits, the things they like and dislike about your business, the potential extras you could be selling them, what they want, what they don’t want and so on like that

Keep your customer surveys to the point

Be focused with your survey, aim to find out that one thing, because you can always do another survey later.

Keep your questions brief … no one wants to answer 20 questions, but they will answer 3-5.

Consider an incentive

Think about an incentive you can give people to respond to your survey, ie, everyone who send back a completed survey goes into a draw for a prize to win 2 gold tickets to the latest blockbuster, or something like that

One last thing, one piece of feedback is never a reason to make changes, your need much more than just one, so make sure that as you get feedback through surveying your customers that you are listening to a majority not a minority.




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