The Importance of Setting Goals When You Start Your Business

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It is important to set goals when you first start your business. Here’s why… When people first start a business they generally just get started. They go ‘I’m tired working hard for someone else’.  ‘I’m going to go out on my own and reap the benefits of being my own boss’.  The goal becomes all […]

How to Build a Strong Business Foundation

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Quite often when people go into business, no one teaches them the fundamentals.  This means they are learning on the fly.  Building a business is like building any building.  You need to put down a strong foundation otherwise it will lead to problems down the track. In fact, if your foundations are weak, inevitably your […]

How to Stay Focused as a Business Owner

how to stay focused as a busines

Would you like to be more focused as business owner? Before answering this, the big question is why do we lose focus? One of the biggest reasons why we can lose focus is that we never had clarity in the first place. We never had something that kept our attention long enough in our business […]

What To Do When You Get Stuck In Your Business

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Are you feeling stuck in a particular area of your business? When you get stuck in your business, you can get worried, you can get anxious, you can get frustrated and go, “how am I going to get out of this rut, how am I going to get out of this situation?”. Worrying about it […]

What To Do When You Feel Alone in Business

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We speak to a lot of business owners and are often amazed at how often people in small business think they are all alone. And we understand that. Running your business can be a lonely place. Quite often as a small business owner you think ‘hey, the problems I am going through or the challenges […]

One Key Thing Successful Business Owners Do

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What separates an average business from a successful one? There are a number of things, but one that stands out is: successful business owners will work ‘ON’ their business. See, most small business owners are really good at their profession or trade, so they spend far too much time working ‘IN’ their business.  This is […]

Don’t Let Your Mind Take You Out

dont let your mind take you out

Do you often worry about things that are about to happen in your business?  In some cases, you are your biggest enemy. Often things that happen in your mind can take you out because you’ve built up a story up about what’s about to happen rather than what actually happens. Let’s explore the notion of […]

The Importance of Sowing Into Your Family

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In every small business, it is important that you get constant support from your family or your loved ones. The question is how do you make sure that you continuously get their support? It is ideal that when you are working hard in business, we get our family behind us every step of the way. […]

The Importance of Business Routines

the importance of business hygie

Are you too involved in your own day-to-day operations ? Do you ever find yourself neglecting the necessary things that require your attention to keep your business on the right track? To stay on top of things and to run your business successfully, it is crucial to take care of your business hygiene. The importance […]

The Importance of Having a Vision for Your Small Business

the importance of having a visio

Do you have a vision for your business? Some business owners either lose sight of their vision, or that it becomes clearer and stronger for them over time. So where are you taking your business? When we are so busy doing the ‘do’ in the business, we don’t often take that time to take a […]