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Time Management Tips

Time is your most precious asset and the common saying is “there are never enough hours in the day”. In fact you’ve may have even said that yourself before, right. The reality is you cannot make more hours, so it then comes down to what you do with the hours you’ve got.

“Fire Fighting” is common in many small businesses… but the good news is there is plenty that can be done to use your time in the business so that you feel like you are getting somewhere and are on top of the good old “to do” list. 3 core things that need attention to get the most out of your time are, PLANNING, reducing the OWNER DEPENDENCY and making sure you have a WORK LIFE BALANCE.

PLANNING helps you work out what is important for you and your business. It’s about working out who does what by when, so that the important things are always taken care of and so that the less important things are what waits.

OWNER DEPENDENCY is the very thing that keeps an owner working way more hours than they should. It’s about learning to give things to other people in your business, learning to delegate, learning to trust. If this doesn’t happen, then you forever remain a slave to your business, working hours no-one should ever work.

WORK LIFE BALANCE is about you making sure you have a life because of your business. It’s about creating the time freedom to spend with the people you love and care about the most without the fear that the business will fall apart without you.

By managing your time effectively you’ll start to get things under control and give you back the time to concentrate on the important things in business … and in life.

Check out the tips below on how you can improve your time management in your business

why is family time important for

Why Is Family Time Important For You And Your Business

It is important for every family to be doing things together. It is even more important when you are running a small business – whether you are working for your business from home or from an office. Small business owners often work really hard and this often means working after-hours and sometimes odd hours. Sometimes you barely have enough time

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identify and eliminate time wast

Identify and Eliminate Time-wasters In Your Small Business

Many small business owners often find themselves bringing work home at night or on the weekend at the cost of family or relaxation time. This can be avoided if time is managed effectively by eliminating unnecessary time-wasters that may be counter-productive to your business. Now, what wastes our time? There are two main categories of time-wasters that can potentially hinder

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5 Tips to Effectively Outsource Tasks Overseas low res

5 Tips to Effectively Outsource Tasks Overseas

Do you get caught up doing mundane tasks in your business? Outsourcing overseas can be a simple way to get things done with qualified professionals for as little as $5/hour. The great thing is this is easier than ever before with sites such as UpWork, Airtasker, Guru and Fiverr who have large pools of talent ready to work for your business.

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make time for important moments

Make Time for Important Moments. It’s Not All About Business.

Sometimes, business owners have the tendency to work really hard towards their business goals that they neglect the important and valuable moments in their life. Often, we tend to forget that one of the reasons that we went into business in the first place was to be our own boss, control our destiny and by owning a business, to create

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4 steps to getting more done in

4 steps to getting more done in your small business

Do you wish you had more time in your day to get things done? As a business owner, you want to make sure that you are managing your time effectively. Knowing that you carry an endless list of things to do can take up your time and lead to having a lot going on in your head or on your

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3 ways to take more time off fro

3 Ways to Take More Time Off From Your Small Business

Do you have a holiday in mind that you’ve been wanting to go on, but never got around to actually getting the time off? It’s undeniable to feel that you need to work day and night when owning your own business. You find yourself with an endless list of things that need doing. And there never seems to be the

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how to get more done in your sma

How to get more done in your small business

Have you ever found yourself starting something only to end up losing focus and never getting around to finishing it? Often when you try and get ahead of things in your small business you tend to take on a few extra tasks to get as much done as possible. But often this causes more harm than good because it may

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are you productive or procrastin

Are you productive or procrastinating in your business?

Everyone knows and has felt the tempting tendency of putting something off until tomorrow when you know you should be doing it today – or better described as procrastinating. People usually procrastinate to avoid or delay tasks and do something else instead. If this continues over a period of time it can lead to interference with your work performance which

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how to stay on top of your email

How to stay on top of your email inbox?

Are you drowning in your inbox?   Do you find it hard to find important emails or seem to have a an inbox you never seem to get on top of? If this sounds familiar to you,  check out the following tips on how to stay on top of your inbox: 1) Set a regular time to check your email

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