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Time Management Tips

Time is your most precious asset and the common saying is “there are never enough hours in the day”. In fact you’ve may have even said that yourself before, right. The reality is you cannot make more hours, so it then comes down to what you do with the hours you’ve got.

“Fire Fighting” is common in many small businesses… but the good news is there is plenty that can be done to use your time in the business so that you feel like you are getting somewhere and are on top of the good old “to do” list. 3 core things that need attention to get the most out of your time are, PLANNING, reducing the OWNER DEPENDENCY and making sure you have a WORK LIFE BALANCE.

PLANNING helps you work out what is important for you and your business. It’s about working out who does what by when, so that the important things are always taken care of and so that the less important things are what waits.

OWNER DEPENDENCY is the very thing that keeps an owner working way more hours than they should. It’s about learning to give things to other people in your business, learning to delegate, learning to trust. If this doesn’t happen, then you forever remain a slave to your business, working hours no-one should ever work.

WORK LIFE BALANCE is about you making sure you have a life because of your business. It’s about creating the time freedom to spend with the people you love and care about the most without the fear that the business will fall apart without you.

By managing your time effectively you’ll start to get things under control and give you back the time to concentrate on the important things in business … and in life.

Check out the tips below on how you can improve your time management in your business

are your confusing the urgent wi

Are Your Confusing the Urgent With the Important?

Where are you confusing the urgent with the important in your business? Too many businesses are working so furiously on the urgent and leaving the important until last. They are always working by demand … demand from other people, demand from other things. Now, the drama with this is that when you are chasing after demand, you’ll often get to

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how to stop getting the same que

How to Stop Getting the Same Questions from Your Staff

Are you often getting interrupted with questions from your staff? Are they often asking the same thing over and over again? These questions can cause interruptions in your day and also stops your staff from getting on and doing the job that they need to do. Often the root cause of this is the way you are running your business. 

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how to be in control of your tim

How to Be in Control of Your Time and Your Diary

Would you like to be more in control of your time and your diary? Too often as a small business owner we face lots of different pressures on our time.  Pressure from customers…  Pressure from our staff… and so on. What ends up happening is you end up running around doing things for everyone else and there is no time

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how to stay focused as a busines

How to Stay Focused as a Business Owner

Would you like to be more focused as business owner? Before answering this, the big question is why do we lose focus? One of the biggest reasons why we can lose focus is that we never had clarity in the first place. We never had something that kept our attention long enough in our business to focus in on. And

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how to manage your workload effe

How to Manage Your Workload Effectively by Engaging Help

Do you have more work on your plate at the moment than you can handle? Do you take work home with you sometimes, or come back to the office on weekends to complete your remaining tasks? Are you starting to see that the amount of time you spend in your business is negatively affecting your family time? Perhaps it is

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how to value your time as a smal

How to Value Your Time as a Small Business Owner

What is the value of your time as a small business owner? Many small businesses owners want to grow their business but often get caught up in the day to day running of it.  To break this cycle, you need to start putting a value on your time and work out how much return you are getting for all the

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the secret to getting more done

The Secret to Getting More Done Each Week

Do you often have a number of things left over at the end of your day and always seem to be chasing your tail? Are you like many small business owners who often get caught up and stuck in the day-to-day running of your business? Too often small business owners just try and ‘fit it all in’ and react to

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how to stop your time from being

How to Stop Your Time From Being Wasted

As a small business owner are you having time wasted during your day? Do you ever get to the end of your day and feel that you haven’t achieved all that you wanted to get done? If you are having time wasted in your day, more often than not you’ve had some time thieves which have being robbing you of

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how to create work life balance

How to Create Work Life Balance Boundaries

Would you like to have a better work-life balance? Are you working more hours than you’d like and it is impacting your time with your family? Too many small business owners are under the illusion that if they throw more hours or work harder at something that somehow, they’re going to get on top of things. What really needs to

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how to take more time off this y

How to Take More Time Off This Year

Being a small business owner, you can often be very busy. There is always lots to do with a seemingly never-ending to-do list. There are customers to follow-up, quotes to get out, jobs to do things to follow-up… all the different things that you need to do to run your business. Sometimes you can even feel like you’re a slave

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invest some time to work on your

Invest Some Time to Work on Your Business

How much time are you spending on your business, instead of in your business? It is important to invest some time every day to work on your business so that you can improve it and maximise your profitability. A lot of business owners often occupy most of their time working in their business that they forget to work on their

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