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Operations Management Tips

The Operations of your business include your SYSTEMS, your business EFFICIENCY and the performance you get out of your PLANT & EQUIPMENT (for example: your vehicles, your tools, the technology you use and so on). Businesses that have good, efficient operations always end up making more profits and get more repeat and referral business.

SYSTEMS are the repeatable methods and procedures of how your business goes about doing things. When you have the right systems it is easier to train your people and your people have a place to go back to other than you. Get this right and you will save a bunch of time in your business.

Your business EFFICIENCY is how well things actually happen in your from end to end. It’s about things happening smoothly and in the most efficient manner possible, through both your people and technology.

The right PLANT & EQUIPMENT for your business will determine how efficient your business can actually be. Poor plant and equipment will see you going about things the slow way, whereas the right plant and equipment will have you on the fast track which will save you time and money in what you do.

To run a successful small business you’ll need to fine tune your operations so that it operates smoothly for the most part, which reduces the stress and chaos of running a small business.

Check out the tips below on how you can improve the operations in your business

how to stop getting the same que

How to Stop Getting the Same Questions from Your Staff

Are you often getting interrupted with questions from your staff? Are they often asking the same thing over and over again? These questions can cause interruptions in your day and also stops your staff from getting on and doing the job that they need to do. Often the root cause of this is the way you are running your business. 

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how to remove inefficiencies in

How to Remove Inefficiencies in Your Business

Do you have a sense that parts of your business are inefficient? Quite often a lot of inefficiencies happen because you have no or poor systems.  Or there are bottlenecks happening in particular parts of your business. To address this, take the time to step back and look at the flow of what is happening in your business.  Here are

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getting things done right the fi

Getting Things Done Right The First Time

How often do things get done right the first time in your business? When things are not done right the first time, it will end up costing you time and money, which can be quite frustrating. For example, an electrician turns up only to find out that he had ran out of some materials that he needed for the job.

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how to make your business more e

How To Make Your Business More Efficient

For many small businesses, a lot of time and effort are wasted doing things over and over again, making the business terribly inefficient. Here are FIVE ways that can help you make sure things get done right the first time and improve the efficiency of your business: 1) Create step-by-step systems  This will help to keep everyone on track. People

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