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Customer Service Tips

Customers are the life blood of your business and is often an under rated area. Everyone starts out with the right intention, but as the business grows, generally the customers start to get serviced a little differently than when you were doing it all yourself.  Sound familiar?

You’ll need to set clear STANDARDS, identify customers needs (INTELLIGENCE), provide your customers with a “WOW” EXPERIENCE and put in strategies to prevent COMPLAINTS from happening, or at least turn them around to the best experience a customer has ever had.

Create an EXPERIENCE journey and set STANDARDS for how you want your customers served as if were always doing it yourself. Provide systems and training that have your people deliver an experience and service that your competitors will struggle to match … so that your customers always have a consistently excellent experience.

INTELLIGENCE is knowing what your customers want and need from you. Today’s Customer Experience is not about delivering on what is expected, it is about delivering in a way before a customer expected it. The job of your business is to know what your customers buy off you, how often, what they haven’t yet bought and what they will need in the future.

COMPLAINTS are not something that you plan to get, so most businesses don’t have a plan to deal with them. Unfortunately, we live a world where customer complaints are more common than they used to be, so it makes sense to have strategies in place to either prevent them from happening, or at the very least strategies for turning complaining customers into raving fans.

To run a successful small business you’ll need to identify ways you can add value to your customers.  This will lead to more repeat orders, more referrals and improve your customer experience all round … so that running your business is a lot less stressful.

Check out the tips below on how you can serve your customers better in your business

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The Importance of Surveying Your Customers

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When Customers Are Not Always Right

You’ve probably heard of the saying “The customers are always right”, which has become a well-known term that is used in almost every business. So where does the phrase come from? It was originally from a gentleman by the name of Harry Gordon Selfridge who was behind the Selfridge department stores in London. It was in 1899 and he really wanted

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