The True Purpose of a Small Business

Do you remember why you started your business in the first place?

Wasn’t it to get more time back?  Wasn’t it to make more money?  Wasn’t it so you could spend more time with your family ?

So how is it working out for for you?  Are you stuck working too many hours?   Are you not making the money that you thought you would?  Is your family sick and tired of you not being around as much as you hoped you would?

What is the purpose of your business?

The burning question is where do you want your business to go?  What is the purpose of your business?

Some people will tell you it is all about making more money so you can get the bigger house and that bigger car and the bigger boat.  More and more ‘stuff’ – stuff that you can’t take with you.  Now it is ok to have a few nice things but if this is the sole purpose of your business  then things are just mixed up.

Others will tell you to build your business to sell it – create a franchise, build an empire, have an IPO exit.  Get the right idea and you can become an overnight success, make lots of money and retire to a tropical island somewhere.  At what cost?

What if the purpose of your business was to provide a good living for you and your family and enable you to do the things you want to do in life?

What if it was that simple?

The true purpose of a small business

You see as a small business owner you have a great opportunity to influence not only your business and your employees,  but your family and your community.   We believe a well run small business can change the fabric of a community and so if you lived according to the true purpose of business which was to provide for yourself and your family, to have some time freedom and to sow back into your community, what would happen?

What feels better for you? What if you started focusing on changing YOUR world for the better?

Instead of chasing more and more things, what if you started running your business a little bit differently so it gave you more freedom through time and money with your family right now?

Think about the difference it would make to your family and your community?

Imagine what the world look like if all small businesses started thinking this way?




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