Who Has Helped You on Your Small Business Journey?

Behind every small business owner there is a support network that has helped and drive them into what they are today. Running your own small business can be challenging at times. It is a journey filled with highs and lows that is made manageable with the help of your closest supporters.            

Remember to acknowledge the people who support you.  

Your support network as a business owner can be overlooked because it happens in the background of everything. At Biznostics, we believe it’s important to acknowledge the people who are supporting you. Whether this is your husband, wife, partner, key mentor or another significant person in your life. They may play a small or large part of your business journey, either way, their support is invaluable to a business owner.

So take the time to give a little shout-out to those special people today. Maybe just tag them in the comments of the video to show your appreciation.

Here are some simple ideas that says ‘Thank you’.  

  • Treat them out for a nice lunch.
  • Get them a bottle of their favourite wine and chocolates.
  • Write a ‘Thank you’ card.
  • Simply say thank you

Whatever it may be, do something special to say thank you to those that have been supporting you on your business journey.




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