What exactly is the true purpose of a small business?

Over the weekend, Gavin spent some time at his son’s soccer game where he got thinking about the purpose of a small business.

What if the purpose of a business was to serve you, your family and your community? Growing up, the local sporting clubs were usually sponsored by a small business. These small businesses were able to do that because they could afford the ability to not only serve themselves and their family, but also the surrounding community.

What if that is the simplicity of the purpose of a small business?

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be out there trying to make a lot of wealth, that is entirely up to you, but for the majority of small business owners, it is about serving you, your family and your community.

To have the ability to do that you have got to have your business under control, have things working for you and not against you, your business growing in some way shape or form and you’ve got to have it well organised. And so when you have your business operating like that it just affords you more options.

Now for that to happen you’ve got to be able to sow back into your family. Simple things such as spending a Saturday morning with the family, watching your kids at their sport games or just being there to pick them up from school. The more time you put into your family the more your family supports you in creating a business that’s going to help you move forward.




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